What makes a great song even better? We all know it's having a "shout out" to the Hub City in the lyrics.  Many songs have mentioned Lubbock, but to me these ones stand out...

She's Like Texas - Josh Abbott Band (2010)

The Lubbock band with their first entry on our list, "She's Like Texas" is ultimate Texas Red Dirt Country song.  You got to love that Lubbock's weather gets some love...

"Her moods can change like the weather out in Lubbock
But if you show her love, man, she'll return it."



Texas In My Rear View Mirror - Mac Davis (1980)

The Lubbock legend Mac Davis was hot in 1980.  He was coming off a co-starring role in 1979's "North Dallas Forty" and starring in his own film "Cheaper To Keep Her." I'm amazed he had time to churn out music like this classic that covers his Lubbock roots...

"I thought happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror
My mama kept calling me home but I just did not want to hear her
And the vision was getting clearer in my dream"

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Texas Swing - Clay Walker (2001) 

Originally from Beaumont, Clay Walker shouts to all sorts of Texas cities in his salute to Texas swing.  Here's the Lubbock mention...

"Why'all it's good to be back home
Lubbock, Texarkana, Corpus
Austin, Abilene
Man we love to play that Texas swing"

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Lubbock Woman - Terry Allen (1979)

One of Lubbock's music greats, musician and artist Terry Allen blessed us with his depiction a "Lubbock Woman" on his album titled appropriately, "Lubbock (on everything)...

"She's forty
An lonely
An raw
An raunchy
An has a good heart
An has a good heart
She's a Lubbock Woman
You got to love that woman"

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Down On The Drag - Joe Ely (1979)

Although he was born in Amarillo, Joe Ely spent a lot of young life in Lubbock. A amazing music career that spans from forming the Flatliners in 1971 (with Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock) to touring with the Clash to being inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame, Ely wrote this lyric about the Hub city...

"Down on the drag, down on the drag
Where some lowdown son-of-a-bum
Even stole my sleepin' bag
Left me standin at the news stand
Readin' want ads in the rag
My baby's back up in Lubbock
And I'm down on the drag"

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My Texas - Josh Abbott Band feat. Pat Green (2012)

The Lubbock band strikes again.  This time with Pat Green, who started his music career with gigs here in Lubbock.  And, they mention the weather in Lubbock again...

"You say you haven't hiked through Big Bend,
Had your hair blown back by a Lubbock wind,
Been somewhere where they call you "friend",
Then you ain't met My Texas yet."

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There you go there's my list - and I left the Chicks "Lubbock or Leave It" off...despite the song title - Lubbock is not in the lyrics - go figure...

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