Free Fallin, The Tom Petty Concert Experience is coming!

Thursday, October 19th at The Cactus Theater, Lubbock, TX

All Ages / 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm show Tickets Facebook Event.

The Twin Cities in Minnesota is home to a traveling musical band that plays tribute to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - week after week - all over the country. Their next performance might find these band members assembling in California, Texas, Florida or even New York City. They’ve been at it since September of 2007, spreading the gospel of Tom Petty – his music and his words, recreating his live performances. Their concerts of the late artist are faithfully reproduced, right down to the exact instruments and appropriate clothing. They travel to theaters, fairs, casinos and music halls – flying or road tripping to the next show. It can be a grueling trek at times, but the response from the fans has encouraged the band to continue their travel to the next town.

One year after the passing of Tom Petty, Free Fallin was invited to play at his 2018 Birthday Bash in his hometown of Gainesville, Florida. To their surprise, they played for more than 26,000 fans! This ascended the band to the international stage, and led to performing an average of 60 – 80 shows a year across the country.

Attending one of their shows will invariably have you singing along, you know all the words, and it's a musical journey through your life! 2023 has found the band touring steadily, spreading that “Petty Vibe” to new places in California, Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Maryland, and has opened up new audiences to this band’s message: Tom Petty’s music lives on, let's celebrate one of the best songwriters in rock history!

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