"We shoot for a timeless sound."

Tyler Baker hung out with Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights Monday (May 13) and discussed Goodbye June's upcoming new record, Deep In the Trouble.

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"You know, you put a Les Paul through an old Marshall and you crank it up and you get the sound that doesn't go stale," he said.

"We kind of live by those rules. We're so excited to put [the new album] out."

Baker admitted that the reception from fans so far has been really good and he and his bandmates — and cousins — Landon Milbourn and Brandon Qualkenbush, couldn't be happier.

The band has had the new record done for almost a year, so needless to say, they're ready for the world to hear the entire thing.

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"Here's what I'll tell you: It's aged really well for a year," Baker said.

"I'm still excited about all of these songs. We're starting to play them, we're out on tour right now and we're starting to play them and they're going over incredibly so, you know, everything's aging well."

What Else Did Goodbye June's Tyler Baker Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • How he and his cousins first started playing music together in a Christian band: "We decided to pray to the Dark Lord and accept him. I'm joking. We all moved to Nashville and [the band] became what you know as Goodbye June."
  • What it's like for Goodbye June to have their own liquor: "I never thought I'd be selling bourbon."
  • Why it's important for fans to support bands like Goodbye June: "This is our first fully independent record...we self-financed, self-produced everything you're seeing and hearing. It's coming from us."

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