Partying in Austin, Texas is always going on it feels like doesn't it? With so many people living in the Central Texas area, and just Texas overall, many travel to the city to just live a little and get away from stress for a moment's time. So long story short, it's good for us to let loose a set period of time.

But unfortunately, sometimes things get a little bit too rowdy and some individuals partake in too much of life's many choices. When that happens, police are called to help smooth things over and keep things upbeat. However, the individual, who's potentially in trouble, may make rash decisions.

Recently in Austin, that exact situation happened. But the reason for his actions remain unclear at present time.

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Unidentified Man Tries To Run From Austin, Texas Police

The video, posted to Tik Tok, shows the unknown individual running from the police. At the time of writing, not many details are known:

There's a lot to unpack, but honestly the main question remains: What did this individual do, and why did they try to run? There has to be more to this story of course. But there's also another discovery to be found.

This is just one video from the account. Someone in Austin is walking around and is filming this incidents. So...who is filming these moments?

Be smart while out and about in Texas!

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