Texas has around 100 state parks and, like any other public assembly area, accidents can happen. Some are weird.

Between 2011 and 2016, 66 people have died in Texas state parks and some of those deaths weren't exactly "normal". I don't guess there's any "good" way to die but, 'ya gotta admit, some means of exiting this world are better than others.

Animal attacks, falls, medical emergencies, even murder - those kinds of deaths, I get. These others though, wow.

I did the math for you, 66 deaths in 5 years equates to 13.2 deaths per year. We'll round that down to 13 because, obviously, someone can't lose .2 percent of their life. Unless you count waiting for Chinese Democracy ... that's .2 percent of our lives we're not getting back

Anyway, almost 70 people checked out in that time span. Here are the 3 weirdest causes ...

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Death By Fireworks

This could also be considered death by inventory which, along with death by fireworks, isn't exactly commonplace. This person was counting fireworks for a show in Palo Duro Canyon when something set them all off. Park staff evacuated the park but when the smoke cleared, they found the body underneath the rubble.

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Death By Eating

Technically, this is choking which isn't uncommon. It's odd though that they ruled the official cause of death as "eating". In this case the victim was well known to park staff and they knew an illness had made it hard for him to eat and talk at the same time.

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Death By Sex

It happens and, I guess, is really only weird for the survivor. C'mon, for her, that's got to be a little creepy. I say "her" because it's mostly guys that check out this way. Which kind of explains why there are so many "cougars" out there. Younger guys are less likely to croak doing the deed.

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