Naked Men, Sesame Seeds and Buckets on the Head?!?!
So I decided to bring back an old favorite I used to do on YouTube once upon a time.
Florida Man Friday! Why? Because the weirdest things happen to Florida man, woman, child, and monkey! (Yes there was once a Florida monkey!)
This week a naked, sesame seed stealing bandit, and a guy who loves pigeons,…
Texas Criminal Does the Unthinkable With Veggies
I was always taught not to play with my food!
But that wasn’t the case for 56-year-old Charles Ransier of New Braunfels. Ransier was recently sentenced to life in prison. He was what courts consider a habitual felon.
Ransier is a very odd guy, in 2015 he was found sitting next to his truck high as a k…
McDonald’s Minion Toy Drops F Bombs [VIDEO]
The Minions were first introduced to us in the film, Despicable Me. Now these little nuts have their very own movie.
McDonald's have added Minion toys to their happy meals and it sounds like they cuss. Watch the video and see for yourself...
Viagra Can Make Your Plants Stiff Too [AUDIO]
Want stronger, stiffer stems? How about hot, pulsating petals? Okay, we can't help you with that second one, it just sounded good. Anyways, evidently you can trade in your green thumb for a blue pill.
Woman Comes *This Close* To Having New Heart [AUDIO]
The world owes a debt of gratitude to you organ donors. It is very big of you to make one final sacrifice for the benefit of others.  Sometimes though, accidents happen and your guts just get smooshed.  More after the jump.
Milwaukee: King Of Corpses [AUDIO]
Down here in Texas we hear a lot about bodies found in Mexico. It can be very scary to be that close to that much death.  It turns out, we're not that close at all, at least compared to Milwaukee.   Heathen has the story next:
Turning Pages Like A Boss [VIDEO]
I love "Rube Goldberg" devices (think the game "Mousetrap" where everything trips something else in order for the mouse to eventually be caught).  Even though I've seen dozens and dozens of these machines in my lifetime, there is something very fresh abo…

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