Jackyl holds the Guinness World Record for performing 100 live shows in 50 days, they took on Tipper Gore and her PMRC movement, and blew away Woodstock '94.Today, Jackyl's Jesse Dupree and son Nigel Dupree, made rock history once again, becoming the first father and son to release duel rock records on the same day. "Best In Show" (the bands eleventh release) from Jackyl marks the bands 20th anniversary.

The Nigel Dupree Band's "Up To No Good" featuring the tune "Tumbleweed" hit stores today as well; if your making the trip to Strugis, South Dakota and the Full Throttle Saloon; you can catch Nigel and his band on 8/5: Jackyl will blow it up on 8/9.

Congratulations to Jackyl and Nigel Dupree...I know Jesse is one proud dad.




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