When you think of straight cut throat rock and roll there are only a few bands that come to mind. Jackyl is at the top of that list. When I was growing up my dad would play Jackyl as loud as he could and I became a huge fan over night. About 3 years ago my dad called me and told me about Jackyl playing a show in Festina, Iowa at a club called the zipper.

After Jackyl's set my dad went up to lead singer Jesse James Dupree and said "My son is a dj with Mike Driver in Lubbock." Jesse looked at my dad and Said "Mike Driver is my brother." Such a cool story! Tonight at Wrecker's you get an opportunity to see Jackyl live and help celebrate Driver's birthday!

The Lumberjack is what I remember being played by my dad!!! I hope to see all of you tonight!

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