The boys from Kennesaw are back with their 20th anniversary album and are ready to kick the dog once again.

I remember twenty years ago when Jesse James Dupree called me from a pay phone in Austin, Texas at the 7-Eleven and said 'This is Jesse James Dupree from the band Jackyl and I have this new CD I want to get on the radio, can you do that for me?"

Of course, I said yes and from that day forward, I was the first to put Jackyl on the radio, period.

I'm excited for what's in store for all of us on the new record, as I'm sure it'll be a slammer as always. If the new single "Screwdriver" is any indication, it will most definitely slam.

The new album will be released on July 31, through Fontana LLC Distribution, and on Mighty Loud Entertainment.

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