After using a Gibson Les Paul for over thirty years, guitarist Jeff Worley of Jackyl has made the move to Dean Guitars.Sometime, between now and Christmas, look for the Jeff Worley signature Dean Guitar. This guitar is modeled after the '72 Les Paul that Jeff had played since the age of ten.

After stopping at the Dean Guitar headquarters in Orlando, Florida, reps from Dean asked Worley if they could make him a guitar; Worley's response was "try...your welcome to try! And they did!"

The Jeff Worley signature Dean Guitar is brand new of course, but looks like a Les Paul that's been played for over thirty years.

According, to Worley, this guitar sounds "good...if not better than any Les Paul he has ever used." Adding, "it almost took til I was dead to get it."

Another feature you can add to the guitar, is have Wounded Warrior/Tattoo artist/ Danial Gilyeat, put your own personal etching on the body of the guitar; with all the proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Congratulations, to Jeff on the new guitar; and get over to Best Buy and pick up a copy of the new Jackly record "Best In Show" as the band celebrates their 20th anniversary.

Check out Jeff grinding on his signature guitar.

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