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On Tuesday, February 9th, 17-year-old Jayden Bruce of Abernathy was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication after he pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child.

This means that if Bruce can stay out of trouble for 10 years, he won't have to go to prison and won't have a felony conviction. He will, however, still have to register as a sex offender.

KAMC News reports that Bruce had exposed himself to an underage girl while he was alone with her in a residence in North Lubbock. He didn't have sex with the girl, but he did make her "do sexual things."

The victim's father said:

Words cannot express the hatred we have in our hearts [...] I hope you never know the rage and vengeance that runs through a father’s heart when something like this happens to his daughter. God be with you son. Get right. You’re in a bad way.

The victim said:

The night before I wrote this, I tried to kill myself [...] I started cutting myself, because I thought I deserved to hurt.

Bruce is being allowed to live in Lubbock and Hale County, and will even be allowed to use a computer for education. However, his computer will be subject to monitoring.

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