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When my kiddo was small, we were frequent visitors to Lubbock's Legacy Play Village (6401 Marsha Sharp Freeway). It was a perfect place to let your kid run a little wild, fenced in with plenty of new friends to make. Even I ran around up and down the castle stairs in pursuit of her. It was fun for us both.

Over time, Legacy Play Village fell into a ruinous state. The buildings degraded due to weather and use, selfish nitwits vandalized it, and there was even a fire. Eventually, it had to close for repairs, a process which is taking some time.

When it returns, it'll be better than ever and more accessible to everyone:

The playground will incorporate new schools of thought on community playground design that have developed over the preceding 16 years since the original structure was constructed. It will comply with updates to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 as it relates to accessibility standards for playgrounds. It will take into consideration the rising interest and research in elder play options. It will address safety issues related to playground surfacing.

It will also have fun new features, according to our friends at Lubbock In the Loop: "a rope course, bell swings, two new playgrounds, a picnic area, and a hill slide."

As of now, Legacy Play Village is set to reopen October 2020 and I hope by then the threat of COVID-19 sickness has passed. Kids need time and space to imagine, to exercise, and to make social connections with their peers. When Legacy Play Village reopens, it's going to blow some little minds.

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