I really thought this guy would outlive us all.

Legendary Lubbock personality and "pretty durn good drummer" Johnny Ray has passed away. With the exception of some lost years in Florida, Johnny Ray was a staple of every jam night Lubbock had to offer between the 80s and now.

Johnny loved the drums, rescuing neighborhood cats and cooking up what none of us ever told him was some pretty horrible looking food. Seriously, it didn't matter what he said he was cooking, it always had some kind of weird brown look to it. He was a fan of retro anything, and frequently used images of that sort to put together some of the most insane flyers from Lubbock's punk rock days. Johnny was also a delivery driver, so he may seem familiar for that, too.

Johnny loved to brag about getting meat on sale and followed the Oakland/L.A./Las Vegas Raiders with a passion. He also seemed to be fond of the younger folks calling him "Uncle Johnny." Ever the prankster, when I asked to use a picture of his for a blog, he approved it with the caveat that I credit the photo to "Johnny Ray-Master of the Universe."

Johnny did leave a legacy of some recordings, including with one of his earliest bands, the incredibly talented Asparagus Nightmares, "Lubbocks Purveyors of Upbeat Relief."

Johnny was also fond of adding the word DAMMIT to just about anything, and thus the headline.

That's about all I can handle telling you now. Somebody go by and feed his cats. That would make him happy.

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