Authorities and the media responded perfectly, social media did not. Now before we proceed, let's all agree that parents have every right to get as freaked out as they want, but no one else has a right to add to that stress.

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Friday on my Facebook feed I had many individuals reporting an "active shooter situation". Well, apparently they didn't know the meaning of the term "active" or "shooter".  I also had one report saying that two shooters were arrested and they were still looking for two more; once again, no "shooters". All of this is important. For parents, friends, families and just concerned folks, there is a MONUMENTAL difference between "gun on campus" and "active shooter".  The second term means that bullets are flying and someone could be hurt or killed.

In terms of the media, t.v., radio and online reports, I see that the situation was handled properly. I didn't see any attempt to blow the situation out of proportion. Yes, it's scary to know that the "Mass Casualties" vehicle is on site, but that's part of the L.P.D.s emergency response.

Moving onto the police response, from what I could tell, everything was perfect. If there is the possibility of a shooting, and yes, just a gun on campus, it is L.P.D.s duty to respond with everything they've got. I don't know of a parent who would want them to do anything less.

So over the weekend, I saw a few people on social media pointing fingers and as the old saying goes, "when you point your finger, three fingers point back at you". This time around social media failed, big time. We have one of the greatest communication platforms ever developed and it's only good when people treat it responsibly. I understand the need to get information out there, but bad information is worse than no information and there was a lot of it out there Friday.

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