As I sit here typing on a slow Saturday morning (the calm before my weekend storm) I saw a report that at least 95 people were killed with 158 wounded by a car bomb in Afghanistan. Distance keeps this kind of tragedy from it being real to us, but it should be a wake-up call for how good we have it.


Right now, when someone says the word "politics" a lot of people shut down. And why shouldn't they, when they know that a fight is comin'? It doesn't have to be that way.

The political rhetoric thrown around these days is so mind-numbingly dumb in the grand scheme of things. There are actually idiots out there that will make references to a civil war between conservatives and progressives in this country. To that I say, puh-leeze, your fat, twinkie slamming, video-gaming, golf-playing asses aren't going to do anything. We have disagreements on how things should be done, but we aren't bombing each other in the streets.

I didn't write this to insult anyone (even though that was a damn good insult), I wrote it to inspire everyone to dial it down a bit, to appreciate the freedom we have and to work peacefully to shift the tides of government in whatever direction you favor.  No one wants things to be political these days, but everything is. Politics is a negotiation and for negotiations to happen, we have to talk. We can't just clam up. We have to talk and we have to do it reasonably, calmly and like adults.

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