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Levi might be short a leg, but he's big on heart! He's currently accepting applications for an amazing home. He's currently available at Lubbock Animal Services Adoption Center. If you'd like to meet him, schedule a date, err, an appointment to visit him by calling (806) 775-2057. From LAS:

If you are looking for the best three-legged companion, this is your guy! He is the sweetest little tripod and never let his spirit dwindle 😍❤️ Levi loves people and cuddles! He can live a normal and happy life with three legs and he proves it every time he wags his tail. 🐕 Come visit Levi anytime M-F 9 AM - 6 PM. He will pull on your heartstrings and win you over... so be ready to fall in love

Tripods, especially young guys like Levi, don't really need anything special to help their mobility. Rear tripods get around easily as, "hind limb amputees alter their gait to keep their leg directly under their body for better balance." He might need a wheelchair way later in life. He might be a little lower energy than a four-legged dog, which for most people is a blessing. In other words, he's probably down for anything within reason, and likely won't be annoying about it either.

Here's another shot of Levi's sweet face:

Lubbock Animal Services
Lubbock Animal Services

The Lubbock Animal Services Adoption Center is full of amazing animals, so even if Levi isn't the right fit, there is the perfect animal for your family, waiting for you to go pick them up.

Lubbock Animal Services Reopens for Business


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