Well guys we all seem to have made it through the first week of school without any major incidents, no Facebook threats, no fights between students and officers at grocery stores, and no reports of bullying...yet.

Remember several months ago I did a piece here on taking a stand against bullies, well since a new school year is starting I thought I would take a second to bring this topic up again because quite frankly this is not something anyone should have to deal with...EVER!

It seems like the last several months of school last year every time you turned on the TV you'd hear a story about a kid being beaten nearly to death or of a kid who could not take the pressure any longer and took their own life.

Sadly, bullies are everywhere and they target people they percieve as weak, or different. Many times other kids (or even adults) are afraid to stand up to a bully for fear they will then be a target as well.

Now LISD has set up a new program for kids in the district to reach out for help or to alert staff of problems without ever having to worry about being the one who "squealed."

The new program is called "Talk About It," and allows kids to email or text counselors and let them know about everything from being bullied by a peer to personal families at home or with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you are a parent, a friend, an aunt, an uncle or know anyone with a kid in the LISD district, let them know about this program you could give them information that could save a life.

The full story can be found at this link



Share this guys, and have a great year!!