Little Cassie is quite small. She's 2 feet 10 inches, or about the size of a young toddler. This fact, however, does nothing to diminish the fact that Cassie is fully capable of pursuing her dreams on her own terms.

Cassie chose to become a pole dancer, and has seen the world and met many celebrities because of it. If fact, her unique form of dwarfism, coupled with extremely hard work, has made her a great pole dancer, not just a small one:

She has incredible upper body strength and the ability to do
backflips, handstands, hang upside down and hold herself at right angles to the pole.

Little Cassie will be performing several shows nightly at Lubbock's Jaguars Club (1585 and the Tahoka HWY) beginning Thursday, June 6th, 2019 through Saturday, June 8th, along with a full cast of other beautiful and talented local and regional ladies.

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