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via https://www.erikajaneamerika.com/

This painting is called "Rave On!" Get it? Cuz its a rave and he had that one song? You get it! And I love it.

The 61st anniversary of "The Day the Music Died" is coming up on February 3rd and I think the best way to commemorate the loss of an iconic artist is to support other (former) Lubbock artists. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Erika Jane Amerika is a current Austinite and former Lubbockite. Her art has hanged all over Texas and frequently features Texas musicians and themes. Perhaps her "spiciest" work is "Buddystein", which I've seen as a tattoo on more than one person:

via https://www.erikajaneamerika.com/

Erika has also painted other Texas legends like Willie Nelson, Rocky Erikson, and ZZ Top. She's even painted me. (I commissioned this painting years ago, and I still adore it):

Private Collection, via Renee Raven

Erika has many fun prints and mugs of her artwork, all at an extremely reasonable price, at erikajaneamerika.com