Not everyone is like those hooligans on Broadway and not all heroes wear capes.

A local man, who chooses to remain anonymous, has laid out plans for NCAA Championship Game.  The evening will start with his "special queso" (it's just Velveeta & Rotel with a splash of Tabasco). He is also planning on having "about three beers" because he has to work in the morning.

The rest of the family won't be joining in on the celebration; his wife will "probably" play Candy Crush while the kids will play on their phones in their rooms.

Asked what he'll do if Tech wins, the man said, "probably buy a t-shirt". His wife also chimed in saying, "he'll probably fall asleep in his chair then complain about his back all week long".

So there you go, that's how most Tech fans will support their team. We aren't defined by the worst amongst us, and there is nothing wrong with us hoping they'll learn how to win gracefully in the future.

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