Anti-vax outliers do not deserve a voice.

A local media source recently gave equal time to pro-vaccine & anti-vaccine folks. There's a real problem with this kind of reporting. When you give each side equal time, you are presenting the argument as 50/50. But it's not.

Decades and decades of vaccinations, research and modern medicine have proved that vaccines work. Compare that to some morons who do a little Google research, and all of a sudden think they know better than the entire medical community.

Diseases once considered eradicated are now making a comeback because idiots go out and find stories from fringe websites that support their confirmation bias.

Now, back to our local media who represented this as a two-way street. Do better.

If I became a firm believer that cars ran on magic instead of gas, would I deserve equal time? I do recognize that real medical opinions were included to weigh the story on the side of science and facts, but that's still not good enough. You are not helping by giving these dangerous people an outlet to spread their nonsense.

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