If you are a sports fan of any kind you have probably heard about the latest "scandal" that has rocked the NFL and more specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers this week.

If you haven't let me fill you in using the short version.

Moments after the Steelers defeated the Chiefs last weekend Antonio Brown went live via Facebook in the Pittsburgh locker room.

In that video coach Mike Tomlin can be heard referring to the upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

The video was immediately taken down so I am not going to go into detail about what Tomlinson said, what I will say is this, I played football as a kid, a teen, and in college- the things he said don't come across as any big deal to me.

It's a coach talking to his team and trying to get them geared up for a tough game.

This whole "scandal" is another way the NFL is trying to transition football into rhythmic gymnastics without anyone noticing.

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