I, unfortunately, had to surrender a little guy to the shelter Tuesday.

It sucks, bad when you have to turn a pet into the animal shelter. I'm talking emotionally.  We spotted a little guy cross the bridge over I-27 on 50th street. How he had not already been run over is a miracle. We actually passed him the first time then doubled back to help him out.  Having three rescue dogs and a rescue cat, we just couldn't handle one more.

The attendant at Lubbock Animal Services told me that they had 600 animals right now. That's not an official number or anything, but anything near that number is far, far too much. There might not be anything you can do. You may be "full up" as well. All I'm asking is that if you can't help a dog or cat, help with donations or help by having your animal fixed and by not supporting breeders. There are just too many animals that need homes in this world and in Lubbock to support any animal intentionally having a litter.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter now has a 93% adoption rate (if I read the sign correctly). That means about 1 out of 10 animals never goes to a forever home. Please be responsible with your pets and if you need a little guy who will lick your face, grab the fellow in the picture.

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