The black fuzzball in the picture above is Mr. Perfect. He is the best cat I've ever had- sweet, affectionate and stunningly beautiful. He also has high stats in stealth- he frequently hides in plain sight thanks to his silky, gorgeous all-black coat.

You too can adopt a Mr. or Mrs. Perfect of your own- cat, kitten, dog or puppy- from Lubbock Animal Shelter for no adoption fee during the month of October. Solid black and predominantly black animals have a tendency to get overlooked at shelters:

Black dogs are often the most overlooked animals in shelters. Some of the absolute best dogs we have are black dogs and so in honor of NATIONAL BLACK DOG DAY that was yesterday we will waive the fee on ANY predominantly black dog we have available all month! This will include spay / neuter voucher, microchip, and all age appropriate vaccinations.

AND in honor of Halloween of all things 🎃SPOOKY🎃 and all black cats that are accompanied by it, we will be running a Spooky black cat special all month! So a waived fee for the black cat lovers too!

Come meet your perfect soulmate and take them home!

Not sure if an awesome shelter pet is a good fit for your home? You can always foster-to-adopt to see if that particular animal suits your home and lifestyle. Can't have a pet right now but want to help? LAS is always looking for volunteers to walk dogs, take their picture, take them on dates, etc.


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