While Thursday's Lubbock City Council meeting wasn't long in duration, the council approved some items of note during the meeting.

Next year, dog owners in Lubbock will have two brand new parks to take their pooches.

For a total of $146,300, two dog parks of just over three acres in size each, will be constructed at Clapp Park and Mackenzie Park. The dog parks will have a chain link fence perimeter and be divided into a large dog section and a small dog section.

In addition, the city council also approved a $205,200 expenditure to construct three open-air pavilions at city parks. The open-air pavilions will be built at Berry, Chatman and Sedberry parks.

The city council approved a $1.15 million purchase of a new 2018 model year, 101-foot Platform Fire Truck. The new fire truck will replace a similar one in service that is from the 2004 model year.

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport Modified Cell Phone Waiting Area- November 2017
City of Lubbock, modified by KFYO News

By a unanimous vote, the Lubbock City Council approved the construction of a permanent Cell Phone Waiting Lot at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

The new lot will be closer to the terminal building than the original lot which opened in late-March 2016. As shown on the graphic above, the new Cell Phone Waiting Lot will be located east of the parking garage and expand the number of spots in the lot from 21 to 30. It will be constructed at a cost of $157,300 and completed in 2018.

The city council also approved the sale of 2,686 square feet of land adjacent to the Raider Park Parking Garage. The Right of Way on the east side of Boston Avenue between 3rd Street and the Marsha Sharp Freeway will leave city ownership and be picked up Raiderpark, L.P. for $26,860.


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