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The new dog park in Lubbock's McAlister Park is set to be complete by Fall of 2021.

Lubbock City Councilman Randy Christian spoke with KAMC News about what's been done over the past year in terms of planning. He said:

What we’ve done over the last year is of course we had Covid, but we also have a new Director of Parks and Recreation, Colby VanGundy, who has some excellent experience and relationships with vendors about who could produce these venues at McAlister. [...] It's all coming together and making more sense for what it can look like today, tomorrow and in the future.

Christian also specified that the team is focusing on creating more connectivity between venues. Those venues being the dog park and Milestone Park, which will be an indoor playground that children of all different abilities will be able to use. Christian says the heart of the park will always be what he calls "prairie trails" which you can use to walk around nature and go up to playa lakes.

KAMC noted that it's been roughly 7 months since the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation broke ground on the new dog park, but residents can expect to see work being done within the next few weeks.

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