This is something I knew would come, but I still dreaded deeply: 2020 ruining something in 2021.

It was all supposed to be over once the calendar turned to January 1st, but that's not the way the world -- or infectious diseases -- work.

Lubbock-Con, Lubbock's first and longest running comic convention, will not take place in 2021. It was one of the last large events that happened in 2020 and the last time I had a good excuse to cosplay in public. It was the perfect year to be Miss Sci-Fi, for sure.

Lubbock-Con made the announcement of 2021's cancellation via their Facebook page:

Too many sacrifices and compromises would be necessary to bring an event of this size to the community with additional risks and uncertainties. The community of Lubbock, as well as the convention community, have shown incredible support to our organization and we feel it is our responsibility to put the overall safety and considerations of those communities first. Know that the Lubbock-Con organizers, staff, and volunteers are not taking this decision lightly.

Lubbock-Con isn't just going to bed for a year, though. They promised to launch various "virtual events," so be sure to follow their Facebook page for the fun.

Making the smart and safe decision shouldn't have had to be so heartbreaking, so I encourage everyone in the con community to reach out to each other either over the internet or by using the arcane and ancient technology of the telephone.

Cosplay your heart out; I want to see the photos. And occupy your time with the things you love, whether it's comics, gaming, podcasts, film or whatever silly fandom you can't get enough of. (Personally, I'm psychotically passionate about Hannibal right now). Then, when we can get together, we'll have plenty to talk about.

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