This should be a thing, "Theater allows dogs and offers bottomless wine". Unfortunately this is a thing, but not a Lubbock thing, or at least not yet. K9 Cinemas is currently only located in Plano, Texas, but the concept is one that can be replicated and brought to Lubbock.

Imagine being able to lounge around in a theater with your best furry friend next to you the whole time! All you have to do is follow three "doggone" rules:

  1. Clean up after your pet.
  2. Provide valid papers from your pet's vet on your first visit with each pet.
  3. Maximum 2 dogs per human allowed.

I have called to inquire about whether or not someone from Lubbock has made a request to bring the concept to town, but the owner has recently posted that recent media coverage has swamped their office with calls so it may be a little while before we can get answers.

What say you? Would you take your four legged friend to watch a movie in a theater with other pups and peoples??

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