I recently went to San Antonio to get away and support my cousin in a race and one thing I can surely say is, Lubbock driver's are the best! I know we have a few driver's from New Mexico but it is true from what I experienced in the passengers seat.

Kindness Goes A Long Way

Lubbock drivers are very friendly and when compared to San Antonio drivers do not compare when it comes to manners. In San Antonio the drivers are very aggressive it seems and from my experience are just overall angry as there was constant honking and cutting each other off.

Speed Limit Means Nothing!

Speed limit seems to be something everyone follows and tends to go five miles over but in San Antonio the one phrase that should be the city motto is, what speed limit? That's because when we were supposed to be going 75 everyone was going 85 to 90 miles per hour that it was like being stuck in slow motion.

Finish A Project Before Moving On

One reason the locals might seem grouchy and bad at driving could be because there is constant construction and multiple projects going on at once. There are just so many closed or detoured roads that it makes it almost impossible to stay calm while driving. As a passenger even I was overwhelmed by all the constant construction of new roads and repairs being made.

Give Me A Sign!

Last thing is there seemed to be a lack of signage or they didn't adequately place the signs far enough to give you a heads up. There also seemed to be a lot of information on the actual road to make up for the lack of signage but I would prefer to keep my eyes up rather than trying to read what words are on the road.

Also lack of merging lanes, it's all just 4 to 6 lanes of constant road. It was a fun  trip but no thanks to driving in San Antonio, and I thought Dallas was bad. I definitely appreciate Lubbock drivers, roads, and even construction on those roads a lot more now.

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