A San Antonio couple allowed a man to do some work on their home and offered him to stay there for a few days while he completed it. They even had him sign a contract. Now, an entire month later, the squatter is STILL in their home, and he's barricaded the doors to keep them out.

What do you do when faced with a situation like this in Texas? Are squatters seriously allowed to take your property?

Nope. They are not.

It turns out, squatters do NOT have the rights they think they do. Governor Abbott even took to social media to remind Texans that "anyone "squatting" in your home is breaking the law." According to Texas Penal Code 30.05&28.03, anyone squatting on your property is violating criminal trespassing and criminal mischief laws in Texas. Abbot also mentioned the Texas Castle Doctrine, which empowers you to use force to defend your property or yourself.

Check out the crazy story below:

There are a few homes in Lubbock that have been taken over by squatters. One in particular that comes to mind is in a neighborhood near Coronado High School. I heard from a friend that the homeowner has had a horrible time trying to get a bunch of people out of their house. They've had police come out more than once, but nobody has been able to get them out.

If you're dealing with squatters on one of your properties, it's important to know your rights in Texas. You can learn more about what to do in this situation by clicking here.

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