Now, THIS is how we get the community together!

I haven't really felt any bad vibes between Lubbock residents and the police and I think that comes from the fact that we know our neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors over a bite to eat is just a great way to visit.  The best part is, if someone starts talking about something you don't like, you could excuse yourself to go get some ketchup. You can also pack your own mouth with a big bite of burger if you're thinking of something stupid to say yourself.

Now, I'm a bit of a knucklehead, because I didn't realize that Fire and E.M.S. are also involved in this. This is just a great opportunity to take kids out to meet first responders with vehicles, bounces, and more on-site. Seriously, what kid wouldn't want to climb all over or pretend to drive a police car?

Our good friends from Coca-Cola and United Supermarkets are involved too (aren't they involved in all good and cool things?).  The event will be Thursday, June 3rd at Clapp Park from six to nine.

The event is not only promoting free burgers, chips, and drinks, but also music and games. It's my guess that it's probably best if you don't bring beer to this one!  While long-range forecasts aren't that reliable, it still looks good for that night with a high in the upper seventies.

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