When Fun Noodle on Slide opened in Lubbock- it was completely overrun and in desperate need of expansion. No wonder, Fun Noodle's delicious and unique to Lubbock options really filled a flavorful need in town. Soft and delightful bao and dumplings really do it for me, and the house-cut noodles made dishes extra fresh and tasty. Watching the staff hand stretch and spin the noodles is a fun part of the experience, too.

Eventually, Fun Noodle expanded to a location near 19th and Quaker. I visited a few times and really enjoyed it, but it never seemed to catch on quite like the Slide location. Perhaps that could be the reason it is making both a name and cuisine change- to Jinli Szechuan and Cantonese Cuisine (4406 19th St) and is opening today (6/21/2023) with a special on beers, only $1.99. You'll probably want one, especially if you order spicy.

Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash
Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash

I'm grateful for a new flavor profile here in Lubbock, where it seems that we have an overabundance of some types of cuisines. Szechuan is a style of Chinese food that emphasizes strong and bold flavors like garlic and chili. You've probably tried Kung Pao chicken, for instance.

Not so into spicy? That's where Cantonese cuisine comes in.

Cantonese cuisine focuses on highlighting the flavour of the main ingredients of a dish, so the food is not heavily spiced or seasoned and dishes are often cooked by steaming or braising to prevent dilution of flavour.

Trying these new dishes sounds like an adventure and a delight. I hope as Lubbock continues to expand and grow, we get even more diverse options like this.

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