I've recently started going to the gym in earnest, and it feels so good. For a long time, I was too intimidated/ lazy to be serious at all about lifting weights, but all the science says it's a great way to sustainably lose weight, tone your body, and improve your health.

So yeah, I'm into hitting those machines now. But I've noticed something that many (certainly not all) gym bros and bro-ettes do that's absolutely disgusting and must be publicly shamed.


Failing To Wipe Down The Machines After Use

Nasty. Gross. FOR SHAME.

I love the gym I go to, but I've been aghast at how many people will work out on a machine, and simply get up and leave when they are done. You might not think you are that sweaty, but the head and butt print you left behind say otherwise.

So I'm forced to wipe down machines before AND after I use them. I've done this in front of the person who just left it sweaty. Do you not have a pang of embarrassment when you see me do that?

I hate to go "there" but do you think that you are owed a woman cleaning up after you, gym brah? Because it's those dudes that are the worst. That and older people who do two reps on every machine. You're sweaty, too. It's still gross.

Like it or not, the gym is a shared experience and we all have to be considerate of each other. Wipe down your machines, use headphones if you're listening to something, and don't scroll on your phone if you're sitting on a machine. It's really, really simple.

No one wants to sit in a stranger's stale sweat. Let's be better Lubbock.

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