Boo did I scare you? Lubbock is about to get a little bit more spooky.

While October seems a little far away, Halloween stores are already popping up all over and they are getting ready to serve you.

From costumes to decorations and everything in between Spirit Halloween and Party City here in Lubbock are ready for the spooky season.

Party City has already started putting out their costumes for this year so if you want to be the early bird and get the worm you can already go out there and shop.

As for Spirit Halloween, they have already put the signs up outside their doors but guess what one store is opening up today. They even already have a 20% off any single item coupon out. 

Their store on 50th Street opens on Monday, August 8th at 11 a.m. The other store at the mall should be opening soon as well too!

There are a lot of different places you can shop here and in Lubbock and we have all those locations linked below. So no matter if you want to go cute or scary, Halloween in the 806 is here.

Where To Go Halloween Shopping in Lubbock

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