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The rain we got over the weekend was nice, but having the power knocked out for that long was a tad aggravating.

If you don't live in Lubbock or you were in a coma this past Sunday, it rained. A lot. I was scared my car was going to stall out on the South Loop and Quaker. Granted, the rain didn't last too long, but while it was here it came down hard.

I should've just stayed at my friend's house while it was raining, but I was an idiot and decided to head out since I need to stop by my parents' house. Oh well. At least I made it there fine.

When I made it there, however, I learned that the power was out. Not much of a surprise. It rained like hell and the power goes out when the rain hits as hard as it did. My mother wasn't very happy, though, as she was complaining the whole time about how the power had never been out this long the entire time she had been a homeowner.

The validity of this remark is questionable. I have no reference as to how long you should expect power to be out during a thunderstorm, but my mom has more experience than me so I guess I'll trust her. It was a couple of hours, so it wasn't excruciating or anything, but she had things she needed to do and was understandably upset.

Her phone was at 1% so she went out to the car to drive around and charge it up at one point. The moment she walked out, however, everything came back on. My sister and I had to run outside to get her to stay. She was relieved, to put it lightly.

I won't give the crews that were working on the outages a hard time. It's a tough job and I appreciate them doing what they do. I understand things take a bit sometimes and the fact that power came back on at all is lovely.

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