After years of being a secret shot at different bars in town, Burn Habanero Flavored Vodka is on the shelves and ready for your next holiday party.

This spicy vodka began as just a simple Chocolate Habanero squeezed into a bottle of vodka at local bar and music venue, Blue Light, back in the fall of 2003, with the goal of being able to taste something unusual at the end of the year. The results were something that nobody expected, and the shot became a favorite among bar patrons.

FMX spent some time talking to Dustin Six, one of the founders of Burn:

How did you guys get started?

"What started as habanero infused vodka, used in a local bar for shots over 10 years ago, turned into a Lubbock distilled product for sale last year in August.  In 10 short years, the following of Burn became more than just a secret menu shot in a music venue.  We knew the demand for this alcohol would be worth trying to get it bottled, especially when other bars and venues were requesting our secret recipe used to infuse the vodka.  We contacted many distilleries and tested many of their attempts at recreating our flavor.  No one could come close to the flavor of our infusion simply because they were attempting to recreate the flavor chemically.  We knew we had to find a way to use our homegrown habaneros.  We use a secret combination of hot and superhot habaneros.  One lucky day, we were approached by Lucas Pinkerton who owns the only distillery in Lubbock.  He was interested in helping us make that step from A to B.  He specialized in Rum at the time, so he had to completely rebuild his still to adapt to the Vodka world.  Not only that, he was able to help us find a way to use real habaneros in our product.  We had many trials and errors trying to create the perfect vodka to lend itself to the flavor of the habaneros.  After a few months, the Burn vodka was perfected.  Texas corn and Texas habaneros turned out to make a pretty tasty vodka."

What is the best way to enjoy your vodka?

"The best way to enjoy our vodka is straight up and chilled or in a Bloody Mary.  The favorite shots of the music venue and bar scene are definitely the Pickle Burn, Apple Burn, Watermelon Burn, and Candy Burn.  You can find all the recipes for all these on our website."

Dustin also mentioned that Burn has received a medal in every single International Spirit Competition they have entered, even taking the gold in the Las Vegas Global Spirits Award.

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