I have operated for decades under the assumption that it's a bit cowardly to move to a cool place. Rather, you should fight to make the place where you live cool. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the effort.

Visit Lubbock put out a snappy little video (see below) that touts Lubbock's small businesses, art, history, and other attributes. I give them an A+ for effort. As for our city leaders/politicians, I give them an F in actually making Lubbock those things that the reel portrays.

So let's go through real Lubbock is bullet points.

Let's just leave this list at that and try to reach for the positive.

We have a great economy, great medical care and people who are usually friendly -- to your face, anyway. It just bothers me that we don't have leaders who have any interest in getting us away from the many negatives here. We don't seem to believe in general progress or stamping out these problems one at a time. Just imagine if the money going into that giant money pit that is Citizens Tower was put into attacking any of these topics.

I don't know what it's going to take to get Lubbock folks to wake up and realize just saying 'we're great' does not make you great. That we have to put a little elbow grease and cash into making this city better. I want Lubbock to be better and try harder, but I think it boils down to one last bullet point.

    • Lubbock is...in denial.

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