As if we didn't have enough car-related drama around here, now you have to worry about getting your call stolen.

Let's start with our neighbors so we can feel better about ourselves.  Albuquerque is the number one place in America for car thefts (it must be those cool new jalapeno license plates).

When you get down to number 18, you'll find good ole Lubbock Texas.  18th doesn't seem that bad for the whole U.S., but it is number one in Texas.  Here's something to make it sound a little worse, that's 1630 cars stolen in 2017 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.   

Auto theft could be less of a thing by just doing the basics. Lock your car, take your keys with you, don't leave your car running, park in the light and if you have the cash, install some security or anti-theft devices.


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