According to NerdWallet, Lubbock is one of the 15 best places for college graduates to live. The website looked at population figures, including the age of population and the percentage of the population that is 20-29.

Other factors included the price of rent and median earnings for those with a bachelor's degree. Lubbock ranked no. 15 on NerdWallet's list with Madison, Wisconsin coming in first place. Austin, Texas ranked no. 8 on NerdWallet's list of best places for college graduates to live.

Overall, Texas is a great place for college graduates. The Dallas Morning News reports a total of nine cities in the state made the top 50.

Texas cities making the top 50 include Austin at no. 8, Lubbock at no. 15, Plano at no. 19, Dallas at no. 27, Houston at no. 37, Irving at no. 40, Arlington at no. 41, San Antonio at no. 49, and Fort Worth at no. 50.

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