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This weekend may not have felt like one you would feel in Santa Land, but that just means those responsible for building Santa Land had great weather to get some work done in.

Our family spent some time at Mackenzie Park and around the area. No, we weren't looking for beavers, but we did see a lot of people enjoying the outdoors -- playing frisbee golf, doing a little fishing, and even enjoying the Lubbock Uncorked Wine Festival.

While at Mackenzie Park, we also saw a giant Christmas tree and the beginnings of what will soon become the city's annual Santa Land. That's right, citizens of Lubbock: construction of Santa Land has already begun.

So if you've already started putting Christmas decorations up inside or outside your home, just know you're not alone. The City of Lubbock is preparing for Christmas as well.

This will be the 65th year of Santa Land. According to the City of Lubbock's website, Santa Land will be going back to the traditional format of walking around Santa Land this year. In 2020, Santa Land was switched to a drive-thru event that drew long lines and wait times, and more than a few complaints on social media.

We're still waiting for more details on the 2021 version of Santa Land, but we know thousands will be attending and ready to see what they missed out on in 2020. As always, admission to Santa Land is free.

Over 50,000 people attend Santa Land each year, according to the City of Lubbock. We'll keep you up to date with all the details of this year's Santa Land.

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