The City of Lubbock's Santa Land is open.

Visitors get to see Santa & Mrs. Claus, the Elf on a Shelf Bo, the massive Christmas Tree and other stuff. (Hey, I got no idea -- I've never been there.) But I can tell you how to ruin it for everybody else.

So here you go: It's top 5 ways to ruin someone's visit to Santa Land.

  • 1

    Put a blinking red light next to a pile of hamburger and tell the kids it's where 'Rudolph came in a little too hot'

  • 2

    Sit on Santa's lap & moan loudly

  • 3

    At random moments, scream: "These god-damn elves are taking all our jobs!"

  • 4

    Challenge Mrs. Claus to a twerk-off

  • 5

    Ask the guide if you can see the backside of the tree because 'my bowels are kinda loose'


    See Santa Land's Massive Tree Being Built

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