The Lubbock Laugh Off is a fast-paced night of fun and comedy.


The Lubbock Laugh Off has hit five consecutive standing room-only shows, three at the Freaky Tiki and two at World of Beer. We go for number six this Friday, May 19.

The Lubbock Laugh Off is tons of fun and variety. We get six comedians together. In round one, they all perform three minutes from their regular stand-up acts. In rounds two through five, the comedians have thirty seconds to talk about a topic given to them by the host. We finish with the comedians roasting each other for one minute. That's the competition.

While the judging takes place, last month's winner (in this case, Caleb Davis) does a short headlining set.

I'm very proud to have developed and to host this event. It's a ton of fun. The comedy starts Friday night (May 19) at 9 p.m. at World of Beer. You can get more info and let your friends know you're going at the official Facebook event page.

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