Oh no, we suck again!

A list from Money, Inc. just reared its ugly head again. On it, is Lubbock, Texas. The story lists Lubbock as the sixth worst place to live in Texas, right after San Antonio.

So what caused us to chart so high? Well, the story quotes "Police News" as saying that Lubbock has crime rates -- even higher than larger cities -- and that you have a 1 in 16 chance of being a property crime victim.

Although the list is a year old, it's still a little insulting. This list judges cities by their bad things and does not take into account the good things. It reminds me of how people like to judge California based on high taxes and whatnot, but never mention the fact that you're near the beach. Trust me, you'd put up with a lot of BS to be near the beach.

I have high confidence that our police and sheriffs (now with raises on the horizon) will get things under control. I also have high confidence that a lot of the skullduggery out there is knuckleheads ripping each other off. We have some pretty big problems, and meth-fueled crime sprees are certainly one of them. I still don't see how all of this adds up to us ranking as one of the "worst places to live in Texas."

To me, Lubbock isn't even in the top 6 of worst places to live in Lubbock County. I think what we have here is another clickbait article meant to get a large area like Lubbock steamed so they can get a little bump in readership.

Do yourself and everyone a favor and DON'T click over to this list. But definitely do scroll down for some fun local photo galleries.

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