Of course he did!

I'm not sure what this guy was expecting, but if you grab someone's butt at the bar you just might get kicked in the crotch. When that happens, the dumbest thing you could do is call the bar to complain about how much your balls hurt. You won't get any sympathy. In fact, you might be featured in an article by 94.5 FMX.

You're famous now, guy. Way to go!

Check out the hilarious Facebook post below.

Guys, I just couldn't pass this one up. If you listen to The RockShow in the morning, then you're probably familiar with our segment "The Dumbass of the Day." Had I seen this post sooner, this guy surely would have won the trophy.

Perhaps we should feature him tomorrow? What do you think?

Listen up, guys, it's not ever okay to grab a lady in the bar, even if you think things are going your way. You might just be drunk and delusional. The same can be said for ladies grabbing on dudes, but I'm pretty sure that happens way less often. Women are pretty good at keeping their hands to themselves.

The worst part about this kind of behavior is that it happens all the time, and lots of women don't stand up for themselves. We just brush it off and move along. It's kind of like we've become numb to being treated like sexual objects. Very sad.

To me, it feels like the world is changing and ladies aren't taking crap from anyone anymore.

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