If you haven't experienced the glory that is JINJER yet, stop what you are doing and watch this video immediately. You will be amazed at Tetiana aka Tati's jaw-dropping vocal prowess. Yes, that's really her doing both the angelic verses and that very powerful chorus on their amazing song Pisces:

JINJER was originally slated to join In This Moment for the 39th FMX birthday bash but was unable to because they are a Ukrainian band, and two members were stuck overseas when the war broke out. I am so grateful they are safe and that we are getting a de facto make-up date from this remarkable band.

That's right, JINJER is coming to Lubbock's The Garden (1801 Buddy Holly) for Metal In the Courtyard IV on Monday, July 24th. Tickets are slated to go on sale this Friday, April 21st. I anticipate a sell-out on this one, so don't let yourself down by waiting to buy tickets. I know a Monday date can be tough but its totally worth it.

A Behind-The-Scenes Conversation With JINJER, Moderated By Matt Pinfield
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Some of my best rock stories are about seeing bands here in Lubbock in an intimate setting. Mastodon comes to mind immediately. So does Disturbed. Even if JINJER isn't your favorite band yet, I highly suspect they are going to blow up big soon- and you'll get to tell your story about how you saw them up close and personal in Lubbock, Texas. And let me tell you, that feels really good to say out loud.

41st FMX Birthday Bash Pictures

41st FMX Birthday Bash Pictures

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