I am sitting here stunned at what I just read.

A Texas Tech basketball player was subjected to death threats and racial slurs after the team's loss on Tuesday. Who treats a 20-year-old kid this way? I guess there's always a chance it wasn't somebody from Lubbock, but let's say it's likely.

Texas Tech guard Kevin McCullar made the claims on Instagram and I don't doubt that they are true. People out there are just toxic and looking to take their anger out on someone. I don't understand why anyone would be so hateful to this kid after he opted to come to Texas Tech instead of sticking with Beard and his bunch in Austin.

If you guys want winning sportsball programs, we need to do better and do right by these athletes. I 100 percent guarantee you that there's a potential player out there right now researching Texas Tech and deciding if it's the right school for them. Stories about death threats to the athletes are not going to help us get the best in dusty ol' Lubbock, Texas.

This kind of behavior needs to stop at all levels. If you're not the coach, then your comments about a player are not needed; you either support the player and team or you don't. There is absolutely nothing that gives you the right to behave in an insulting manner towards these athletes.

Now I understand it's the nature of sports for you to comment on players with 'this guy is great' or 'this guy sucks,' but that's between you are your buddies and not between you and the player, and it certainly shouldn't be elevated to the level of death threats.

I certainly hope McCullar turns these hateful messages over to authorities or at least reports them to the administrators of the social media. This is embarrassing and it needs to stop.

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