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I'm a firm believer in CBD oil and the wellness benefits it imparts on its users. It has helped tremendously with my anxiety. I take a dropper's worth when I get home from work, and it really helps me relax for the night.

CBD can also help with muscle and joint aches, headaches, and sleeplessness. It's a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, so it works wonders for folks who have autoimmune issues like arthritis. It can even stop certain types of seizures immediately. I encourage you to do your own research; I am constantly learning new health benefits of CBD.

When I learned about Captiva, I was thrilled. It's a Lubbock-owned company that has stripped away everything that makes CBD look ridiculous, like silly packaging and artificial junk you don't need. It's organic CBD oil with easily accessible ingredient lists and lab test results. I always had wanted to order CBD online, but I was always weirded out by the sources. Finally, I can order from a company I trust.

Despite their beautiful, sleek packaging and premium organic CBD, Captiva is also the most reasonably priced CBD I've ever encountered. Since they don't have a storefront and no mid-level marketers, there's less overhead. And instead of just pocketing that extra cash, Captiva has instead passed their savings onto their consumers because it's a product they believe in.

Captiva is here to stay, unlike other companies that might want to make a quick buck at the cost of quality and fairness of cost to you.

My favorite product is the face cream. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Captiva's CBD face cream can help soothe the effects of psoriasis and eczema. In my experience, it really helps with redness.

In addition to their excellent tinctures, Captiva carries edibles and even treats for your dog. If your dog has anxiety or hip dysplasia, I'd recommend trying a dog appropriate CBD product. Don't give them your people stuff- it's too strong for them.

Of course, you should always take anything that's prescribed to you by your doctor. However, supplementing with CBD can really enhance your results. I've found that if I "get ahead" of my anxiety by taking CBD regularly, I'm way less likely to need my prescribed Xanax. Xanax makes me drowsy and unable to drive- CBD does not affect my ability to do anything.

If you're looking to boost your wellness naturally, and want to support a reputable and local company, head over to They run fantastic promotions all the time, but if you don't see a promo code on the site, use captiva20 for 20% of your first order.

Research into CBD is exploding, and I can't wait to find out what else this natural, amazing plant can do.

Renee Raven is a DJ, not a doctor, so any "claim" she makes is by definition anecdotal. However, she also would never endorse a wellness product that she didn't feel worked or was actually harmful. It works for Renee and many of her family and friends with no adverse effects.

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