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Winter weather has caused a mess on Lubbock roadways on Monday, particularly on Loop 289 and the Marsha Sharp Freeway. Accidents began early Monday morning and led to portions of the Loop and Marsha Sharp Freeway being closed. 

The slick roads are expected throughout the day and night on Monday and according to forecasts, we will see bad roads again on Tuesday with the possibility of snow and ice falling in Lubbock overnight and during the day Tuesday.

The Lubbock Police Department took to Twitter on Monday to announce that Lubbock Police Officers will be driving around Lubbock with their lights flashing in an effort to slow down traffic and to ultimately prevent accidents.


There was no word on how long Lubbock Police will be driving around with their emergency lights on, so you might be seeing lights in your rearview mirror for the next two days.

Some on social media expressed concern about the move asking how they would know if they were being pulled over versus just being reminded to slow down. Another top concern from some on Facebook and Twitter was over vehicles that may break quickly if they see emergency lights in order to move to the side of the road.

Those concerns are valid.

In any case, over the next two to three days, slow down Lubbock. Take extra time in the mornings to get where you need to go. If it’s freezing outside and snow or ice is falling, avoid the Loop and take the main streets. The most important advice? Drive slow and be smart when driving.


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