OK guys how many of you found yourselves in this position tonight, Raiders on one channel, Rangers on another, and your woman wants to have a date night? Yeah, me too compromise time right?! For the past three years Lubbock Parks and Rec has done a thing called "Pumpkin Trail" at the Garden and Arts Center. Basically it is literally several hundred jack-o-lanterns carved and donated by the citizen's, schools, and businesses around town.

Last year was cold as crap and I got out of going, tonight was actually a great fall night to get out with your sweetheart and do something to sort of kick off the fall and the possibility of cool weather (as well as really make some brownie points with the lady since there are two games on) in a unique once a year kinda way.

If you have never been might I suggest you keep an eye out for this event next year and maybe even make it your idea to take your girl (talk about making points!) who knows you might end up having fun and getting lucky just for being such a thoughtful, sensitive guy!

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