There is no denying it, Lubbock has a pet overpopulation problem.

I can't open my Facebook without seeing someone who needs to find great, loving homes for an unexpected litter of kittens or puppies. I'm certainly not judging anyone, but there is a way to prevent that from happening we are all well aware of, spaying/ neutering.

However, spay/ neuters can be pricey, especially if you've had some unexpected expenses pop up. It's a tough economy. Luckily, there is some help on the way.


This Friday (June 28) Lubbock Animal Services will give away 150 vouchers for a free spay/neuter for a dog or cat. The spay/ neuters will be redeemable at Live Oak Animal Hospital South. Only one voucher per household will be given if you qualify.

To qualify, you must bring your animal to Lubbock Animal Services (3323 SE Loop 289), beginning at 8 a.m. You need proof the animal is up-to-date on their rabies vaccination, and that they have a microchip (or they can get a free one at the event).

Also, you need proof that you live inside Lubbock city limits. Your driver's license or utility bill should suffice.

This is first-come, first-served so I would get there early if possible. Remember to have your dogs leashed per the city ordinance and your cat in a carrier. Lubbock Animal Services asks that you do not block their gates when you park your vehicle.

Can't make the event, but need low-cost spay/ neuter? Get on the appointment waitlist for PETS Clinic. Be forewarned it may take a while, as this non-profit clinic is in high demand.

Spay/ neuter costs at PETS Clinic begin at $35-$65 depending on the sex of the animal and whether they are a dog or cat. Modest additional upcharges may apply if your animal is in heat, etc.

Having "just one litter" doesn't make the animal happier or healthier, it can harm their health due to certain cancers- and pregnancy complications in female animals. So, I want to thank you in advance for doing the responsible and kind thing for your animals by getting them spayed/neutered.

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